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Number Porting Notes, Time Frames and Categories
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Additional & Complex Services - An Important Note
Please note that if you have any additional services (such as ADSL, monitored alarm systems, pay TV) attached to the phone number you wish to port these services will be terminated by your current service provider. This may also include payment of contract early termination fees.

Porting a number does not in any way change your current liabilities (amounts owing, charges incurred using the service whilst the port is in progress, contract termination fees) to your existing provider.

Porting Time Frames
From the time VoCPhone receives your porting request, it will typically take less than 1 week for us to review your application and advise that it has been accepted.

Then your application needs to be approved (account names, numbers etc match) by your existing carrier. In this time we recommend that you get your IP phones setup and ready so that when your number does complete porting there isn't any down time. Confirmation from your existing carrier typically takes around 1 week.

Sometimes there is an "account mismatch" which means we will co-ordinate with you to obtain a more up to date invoice or to confirm the details provided. This will reset the process as the port will need to be re-submitted (by VoCPhone) to be approved by your existing carrier.

After your existing carrier confirms the details match a "booking date" is negotiated. This is the date that all the carriers will start the process of moving your number from one part of the communications network to another. The booking date for Cat-A will probably be 8-10 weeks from approval, for Cat-C can be up to 16 weeks later.

In summary, from start to finish a Cat-A port will take approximately 12 weeks and a Cat-C port will take approximately 18 weeks. Cat-A ports can be completed a lot sooner if there aren't many other ports waiting in the queue.

Once we provide you with a booking date there ordinarily won't be any changes to that date.

Port Scheduling
Typically we accept the first available "booking date" and have the port completed at the next available time slot. You may request (at additional cost) one of the following services:
  • A scheduled, committed time that the port will take place.
  • An after hours time so that critical business operations aren't interrupted.
  • An emergency port with much shorter wait times than usual.
If for some reason you need to cancel a port or change the scheduled date there is a fee applicable. Please contact our support desk for assistance if this is your situation.

Category A Port Requests
This category is normally for a single residential number. There is a fee for each individual number.

There are a few instances where you may wish to use a Cat-C port instead:
  • If you are porting multiple numbers at the same time (3 or more) then you may wish to lodge the port as a complex port as it will be cheaper.
  • If your service has additional services/line codes (such as hunt group line codes typically used for older key/PABX systems) and you can't get the codes removed.

Category C Port Requests
This category is for blocks of numbers (such as businesses/ISDN services) and for customers with multiple public numbers. There is a single fee for the entire number block/port request. Cat-C is also referred to as a "complex port".
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