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Basic Troubleshooting Steps
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please make sure you follow all the troubleshooting steps before contacting us. If the issue persist, feel free to contact us at or call in office hours on 1300 663 222.

1. Check lights on both your Router and the Black Box (ONT) - RF will display a red light unless your TV or Foxtel is plugged in.
note: If any of lights in your modem does not display in green, please refer to you Router's manual as that may indicate the issue. See our list of Modem Router's manuals and reach us if your modem is not listed.
2.Check that your billing is not overdue, if billing is over due you need to contact us at as your account may have been cancelled.

3. Try another Ethernet cable to isolate the issue and ensure that cables are secure and not loose.

4. Ensure that you have entered the username and password we provided you correctly

4.Power Cycle the device a couple of times
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