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Netgear Router Configuration Guide
Last Updated a year ago

•Connect and log into router as per “Get Connected Guide”

•Once logged into router settings go to “ADVANCED” tab

•Click on “Setup Tab”

•Select the “Internet Setup” tab on left side

•You will then have to enter in details manually

  1. Does your internet connection require a log in? Select “Yes”
  2. Internet Service Provider, select “PPPoE” from drop down menu
  3. Login, type in the email address we sent you
  4. Password, type in the password we sent you
  5. Service name, please leave blank
  6. Connection Mode, please select “Always ON”
  7. Idle timeout, don’t change
  8. Internet IP Address, select “Get Dynamically from ISP”
  9. Domain Name Server (DNS) Address, select “Get Automatically from ISP”
  10. Router MAC Address, select “Use Default Address”
  11. Press “APPLY”
  12. Now go to “WAN Setup” tab it is a couple below “Internet Setup”
  13. WAN Preference, select “Must Use Ethernet WAN”
  14. Use Port 4 as, select “WAN”
  15. Please tick “Disable IGMP Proxying
  16. NAT Filtering, make sure “Secured” is selected
  17. The rest just leave as is
  18. Press “APPLY” button
You should now be able to connect to the internet. If not, try Power Cycling the router a few times. For Power Cycling steps follow STEP 1 in “Troubleshooting Steps”

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