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Patching In - Data Points
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In the wardrobe where your Black Box (ONT/NTD) is located you will see 6 data ports. One will be plugged in for your Intercom. Please DO NOT touch this. All these points are linked to the data points throughout your unit. They have just not been labelled as this option was not chosen by developer. So unfortunately this will have to be done manually by yourself.

Now if you want to patch in all data points around your unit you will need to have 5 short ethernet cables per data point (if your router only has 4 LAN ports you will only be able to patch in 4 at a time). So if you only want to patch in one, you will just need one short ethernet cable, plus another one for whatever you are plugging in at the other end. You can get Ethernet cables from any technology retailer.

STEP 1: get Ethernet cable and plug into top left side port

STEP 2: Plug other end of Ethernet cable into LAN 1 port on your router

STEP 3: Go to data point in lounge room (as an example)

STEP 4: Plug another Ethernet cable into data point

Plug other end of Ethernet cable into a laptop (this is for testing purposes)

STEP 6: Connect your laptop directly to the internet not using wireless.

STEP 7: Do an internet speed test

If you are getting your plan speed, this will mean you have patched in the correct point.

We suggest to label the port in the wardrobe so you know that the port is connected to the lounge room port. You can do this by using some tape so as you don’t mark the face plate incorrectly. Now to do the other ports, you will just have to follow the instructions above. If you are wanting to have a couple or a few data points patched in you just plug the Ethernet cable into the next LAN port on your router.

At the data points after you have confirmed which is which, plug in the device you wish to have direct internet access. For example in the lounge room, you may want to plug your Smart TV directly in.

If you are unable to "patch in" the data points, we suggest contacting an electrician who will provide this service as it is not a service we provide and something that can be taken up with the builders of your building.

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