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Porting (transferring) Number/s
Last Updated 2 years ago

PORTING NUMBER – if you have a number you want to keep and it is still active and in your name or companies name we can transfer(port) it over.

Login to the Customer Portal

1.Firstly, have your previous months bill that has your account number, name of account holder, account number, and number/s you want to port over

2.Go to “Numbers” tab on left of screen

3.Click on “Port Number” button

4.Enter in details

5.Attach previous bill with all details in step 1

6.Press “Continue”

7.Enter in phone numbers that you wish to port over to VoC Phone

8.Press “Continue”

9.Next is the “Authorisation” please read click boxes

10.Press “Submit Port Request”

11.Your request has been sent through and will take 5-10 working days for losing carrier to respond with a date your number will be ported

Please note: there is no need to cancel your service with losing carrier this will be done as part of the porting process.

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