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Creating Time Conditioning
Last Updated 2 years ago


Login to the Customer Portal

  1. Go to “Tools/Setup” tab, click on “Time Conditioning”
  2. Select number
  3. You will see a section that will come up below number. Go through and add business hours
  4. Select “Route Type” example “IVR”
  5. Select “Destination” example “your IVR” and so on for each day of the week for working hours
  6. For after hours, go to “Numbers” Tab
  7. Select the number you want to add the “Time Conditioning” too
  8. Click on “Routing Setup” in the top right of “Call Routing” section
  9. In the “When someone calls…” tab, please select the option “Do something much fancier….”
  10. On the right turn on “Time Conditions” and your time conditions should appear
  11. Underneath your time conditions there is a “Otherwise, go to this default destination” this is where calls will direct to after hours
  12. Please select the “Route Type” example “Voicemail”
  13. Then select “Route Destination” example “280888 - Reception”
  14. Make sure you press “Save” in top right of ‘Routing Setup” section

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