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How do I configure call parking?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Call parking is available to select accounts (contact the support desk if you're not sure whether or not your plan includes call parking) and in a future release will be configurable via the portal.

At this time there are no user configurable options.

Did You Use a Key System Before?
Key telephone systems (such as NEC Ranger/AK, Telecom Commander) used to have one key (with a light) per telephone line which could be picked up and answered from any telephone (in small installations).

With SIP systems there is no physical line, we use channels over a trunk. The simplest way we have to imitate the line function of a key system (on our platform) is to allow you to place a call on hold in a call park and then retrieve the parked call from any extension on your account (that includes any iOS/Android devices you have registered).

Description Of Call Parking
Call parking allows you to answer a call on an extension (Reception) and after determining you need to move the call to another phone (such as for privacy) you can transfer the call to "the parking lot" so you can retrieve the call from another extension on the system at a later time.

How To Park A Call
Parking a call is as simple as completing an attended transfer to extension 700. Remember to remain on the line so you can hear the parking space number that your call has been placed into. You will need the 3 digit number to retrieve the call.
  • Most telephones have a transfer button. The default configuration for this button is to complete the transfer uses the attended method (this allows you to hear the answering party before the call is hungup) however some phones allow this setting to be overridden. If you require further assistance please contact support.

How To Retrieve A Call
To retrieve a call dial the 3 digit number read out to you (or announced via the PA) when you parked the call.
  • If you have a Uniden EVOC2 phone, a light (typically 701/Call Park 1) will light up red to show that a call has been "parked".
  • If you have another type of telephone that supports BLF, please modify the configuration so that you subscribe to/monitor extensions 701, 702, 703, 704, 705 and 706.

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