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How do I add a payment method in my account
Last Updated 2 years ago

Add a payment method before your free trial ends to avoid service interruption. You will be charged with your monthly service fee as well as the once-off activation fee of $45 when your free trial ends. Ensure to pay the service on time or within 48 hours after your billing date to avoid service suspension.

We accept Paypal and Credit cards as a method of payment. Follow the steps below to update your payment details:

1. Log in to your VoC Phone account.
Note: Please use the email address and password you first signed up with and not the details above we just gave you.
2. Go to Payments/Billing and click Add Credit located at the left-hand side menu.
Go to Statement of Charges to check for your billing history.
3. Choose the amount and add your payment details. (Enable Auto Top-up for hassle-free payment.)

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